How far in advance should I plan my move? 

Whether you need to move on a specific day or at a specific time you’ll want to make plans with Quality Moving of Colorado in Denver, CO as soon as possible. We recommend letting us know 30 days in advance, especially if you’re not moving in the middle of the month. 

How does scheduling my move work? 

We usually start moving around 8 AM and end around 7 PM or when the crew is done. You should be available two hours before and after your scheduled move’s timeframe. 

How does timing my move work? 

We’ll start the clock for your move as soon as our crew arrives at your location and reviews your paperwork with you. We’ll end the clock once everything has been unloaded and placed where you want it. 

Do I have to be present on the day of the move? 

Either you or someone whom you trust should be present when we’re moving you. 

Is there a minimum fee? 

Quality Moving of Colorado in Denver, CO charges for two hours minimum. Anything beyond this point is billed in 15-minute increments. This ensures that you only pay for when our crew is there. 

Does Quality Moving of Colorado in Denver, CO reserve parking for the moving truck? 

It’s your responsibility to provide parking for the moving truck(s). Remember, the closer Quality Moving of Colorado in Denver, CO can park to your door the less time it’ll take to move you. When you give us 7 days notice before your move date we’ll be able to order “No Parking” signs from the city. You’re responsible for any fees associated with this. 

If it’s snowy or icy should I clean my sidewalk and stairs? 

It’s your responsibility to clar all the walkways of any obstructions before we arrive so that everyone can be safe and you can save money too. 

Can you disassemble and reassemble my furniture? 

Quality Moving of Colorado in Denver, CO is able to disassemble and reassemble anything that doesn’t require specialized instructions or tools. However, while we’re able to disassemble cribs, for safety reasons we can’t reassemble them. 

Can you disconnect and reconnect my appliances? 

Quality Moving of Colorado in Denver, CO cannot disconnect or reconnect any of the appliances in your home. You must disconnect and drain them so they’re ready to go when you’re moving. While we can help you remove your TV from the wall we can’t remount it. 

Can my clothes stay in the dresser? 

Unfortunately, moving dressers with clothes in them can result in structural damage. Therefore you should remove everything from your dressers and pack the items in bags or boxes. 

How’s my furniture protected when moving? 

Moving blankets and stretch wrap will be used to ensure these items aren’t damaged. This is also done to keep your items clean. 

Is there a fixed fee for my move? Are there any discounts available? 

Colorado Commerce Commission provides guidelines as to how much Quality Moving of Colorado in Denver, CO can charge you based on how many workers you need and how long your move takes. They also require us to charge certain tariffs. Unfortunately, we can’t deviate from this or offer you any discounts. 

Is my estimate considered binding? 

The estimate isn’t a binding price. It’s an estimate based on how long we believe the move will take. According to the law we must charge you according to the number of hours we actually spend on your job. This means you pay for the actual time that our crew was at your location. 

What are the different factors that can affect my estimate? 

Quality Moving of Colorado in Denver, CO provides you with an estimate based on the information you provide us regarding your inventory, whether there are any stairs or elevators, how far we need to carry your items, traffic, weather conditions, and any unforeseeable factors. This is why it’s important for you to give us accurate information. 

Should I tip the movers and if so how much? 

We’ll never require or request a gratuity from you. However, some customers will choose to give us one anyway. In this case the amount is entirely up to you. It should be based on the quality of service you feel you received. For great service people will typically tip $5 – $10 per mover. 

Are there any items that I should or shouldn’t move? 

There are some items that we aren’t able to move for you. These items include anything that’s flammable (e.g. gasoline, nail polish remover, paint, paint thinner, propane tanks), any firearms that you own, your important papers, any medication, money, anything you collect (e.g. sports cards, coins), expensive jewelry, and other similar items. Additionally, we don’t move pianos, big or heavy safes, slate pool tables, or Grandfather clocks unless their pendulum and weights are removed by you. 

When do I pay for my move? What forms of payment do you accept? 

Once we complete the job payment is due. You can pay in cash or by credit card (no minimums or fees will be added).

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