Preparing for Your Move

Throughout the years we’ve picked up on a few tricks of the trade. With our cache of moving tips, you’ll find that your next move is much easier. These include: 

  • Sort through all of your belongings and decide which you want to donate or discard before you even begin packing. 
  • Make sure that your boxes are taped on both the top and the bottom. 
  • Use your towels and linens as packing materials for your fragile items. Otherwise, you’ll need a lot of packing materials (e.g. bubble wrap, old newspaper). Remember, you can never be too cautious when you’re packing these items. 
  • Use linens or blankets to wrap your mirrors. 
  • Figure out how you can clearly mark and categorize boxes according to their content. Make sure you also mark any handling instructions on them (e.g. “Fragile). 
  • Store the boxes you’ve already packed in your closets. 
  • Move valuable items (e.g. cash, jewelry) yourself. 
  • When moving your household into a storage unit make sure that you’ve made all the arrangements ahead of time. 
  • Make sure that everything is packed and that you’re organized and ready to go when the movers from Quality Moving of Colorado in Denver, CO arrive. 
  • Don’t schedule any other important engagements on the day you plan on moving. 
  • If you’re moving into an area that only has on-street parking you may want to secure a space for the moving truck by parking your car there overnight. 
  • Stick to your budget by disassembling your own furniture, bagging up any loose items, and making sure that everything is packed and ready to go beforehand. 

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