Tips For Packing For Your Move

Tips For Packing For Your MoveWhether you’re packing up your home to move down the block into a new apartment or you’re planning on moving across the country things can go smoothly. This doesn’t mean that it won’t be stressful. It simply means that you won’t encounter any problems along the way. You’ll still find that there are many things you’ll need to know and do as this is very different from packing your suitcase to go on vacation. Fortunately, there are a few things to make this entire process easier for you.

Use the Correct Sizes Boxes

When you’re packing heavy items (e.g. books) you should use smaller boxes. Instead of loading these boxes full of items that you’ll have difficulty moving you can fill it halfway then place light items (e.g. pillows, linens) in the top of the box. You’ll also want to use bigger boxes for packing these lighter items by themselves. This is important because many professional movers complain that moving large boxes packed with heavy items is harder. It’s also more likely that something in one of these boxes will get broken.

Pack Heavy Items on the Bottom and Light Items on the Top

For those who are planning to pack the moving van themselves, it’s important to remember to place the heavier boxes in the front of the truck. When your vehicle is fully loaded it’ll be better balanced too.

Leave Empty Spaces in Your Boxes

There are bound to be some gaps inside of your boxes. You can fill these in with things like towels, clothing, and packing paper. This is important because most moving companies won’t move either unbalanced or loosely packed boxes.

Never Pack Items From Different Rooms in the Same Box

To make your packing faster and your unpacking easier you should label each box with what room they belong in. Consider also adding a small description of the box’s contents. Doing so will also help your moving company know where to place each of the boxes when they reach your new destination. Furthermore, this will make finding the things you need easier if you haven’t had the time to unpack all of your boxes.

Properly Tape Each Box

Before packing each box you’ll want to make sure that you secure the seams on both the top and the bottom with a couple of pieces of tape. You should also consider doing what most movers do which is wrapping a few pieces of tape around each of the box’s edges so that it doesn’t get crushed as easily.

Use Special Crating to Move Expensive Items

Never use a regular paper box to pack your oil paintings because they’ll stick to your box. If these paintings are framed you’ll want to use an X-shaped piece of masking tape on the glass to make it stronger and less likely to shatter. Once you’ve secured the glass use a frame box and place a piece of cardboard inside between each of your paintings.

Bundle Your Breakables

Take special care when packing your dishes. Here you’ll want to place paper around each dish before wrapping them together in a bundle. Don’t place these in the box on their flat side. Once they’re inside your box you should also use some paper both on the top and on the bottom for additional padding.

When you’re done packing and you’re ready for moving you’ll want to contact Quality Moving of Colorado in Denver, CO. This part of your move can be the most challenging so leave it in their capable hands and rest assured things will go smoothly.

Picture Credit: Freepik