What You Need To Know To Avoid Moving Scams

Learning How to Recognize Moving ScamsYou’ve bought a new home or found a new apartment. Now you’re ready to move. While you think this part will be challenging, you also think that hiring a moving service will make your life easier.

Unfortunately, there are some things that you should know before you hire just any old company to help you with your move. Not all companies are created equally, but there are also some moving scams you need to be on the lookout for today. Take a moment to learn how to recognize them so you don’t get duped.

Learning How to Recognize Moving Scams

Unfortunately, these scams have become almost commonplace today. These scams happen because anyone can create a website and buy a few moving vans. For this reason, you need to know how to recognize moving scams.

They’ll Demand a Large Cash Deposit

A moving service will typically require you to put down a security deposit, especially if you’re moving during the busier seasons of the year. Take a moment to check out some of the company’s previous reviews. Doing so before moving forward with your move is vital because one of the most common types of moving scams also involves money.

You’ll know that you’re being scammed because these companies will require you to put down a large cash deposit, whereas a legitimate company will never require cash. Unfortunately, if you fall victim to this scam, they’ll take your money and disappear. There is one great way in which you can avoid this. Ask for a referral from someone who’s used the company before.

They’ll Ask for More Money During the Move

Another common moving scam has to do with unexpectedly asking for an increased rate. This price increase typically occurs after the moving service offers you a reasonably low estimate – lower than what other companies are offering.

Although you may be tempted to accept the offer, don’t. Once the movers arrive at your home, they’ll start asserting that they need more money for things like additional tariffs, charges, and hidden fees. A legitimate company would never do that. Instead, they’d come to your home, give you an estimate, and be bound by it.

They’ll Hold Your Items Hostage

Along with these price-rise scams, movers will typically threaten to hold your items hostage on the truck unless you pay these fees. It doesn’t matter if they have any reason to request the fees. Unfortunately, in many cases, these scammers may have seemed like a legitimate moving service up to this point.

To avoid being taken by this scam, you need to verify the moving company’s track record. You should also take a few minutes to look at their profile on the Better Business Bureau. You want to make sure there are no serious complaints against the company.

These steps only take a few moments, but they’ll allow you to rest assured that nothing will go awry. As such, this is time well spent in the sense that it’ll give you peace of mind. They’re easy to do too considering that most people have moved at least once in their lives

They Operate Illegally

A legally operating company won’t risk its business and its reputation by pulling a moving scam. However, just because a company appears to be legitimate doesn’t mean it is. Many illegitimate companies try to pass themselves off as legitimate even though they’re unregistered and operating illegally.

Although a moving company doesn’t scam you directly doesn’t mean that they’re legitimate. It’s important to remember this because your items may be held as evidence if a company gets closed down in the middle of your move.

Hire the Right Moving Service in Denver, Colorado

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